One-Act Script Submissions


The Britches and Hose Theatre Company is excited to announce our upcoming New Works Festival! We are still nailing down dates and venues, but the festival will take place in early December 2016.

The NWF will consist entirely of original plays, and those plays could be written by you! Do you have a story in you that you’ve always wanted to tell ,or a script that you’re ready to have performed? Send us your scripts!

Scripts must meet the following requirements:

-An original script, not previously published
-Between 10 minutes long (usually about 5 pages) and 20 minutes long. Plays longer than 20 minutes will not be considered.
-Only one act – that is, one scene with no set changes
-Minimalist set: No flats or backdrops. We provide two 8-foot tables and plenty of chairs.
-Minimal lighting and sound requirements (this festival will take place at a public library)
-No more than a PG-13 rating, please.

All scripts must be approved by the board, based on the above requirements. Email your script to, and be sure to include the following information:

-Title of Play
-Your name, address, phone number, and email (if any)
-Choose one of the following:

  1. You want to direct your play yourself

  2. You have a director in mind (provide his/her contact information)

  3. You wish to have us select a director for you.

We are also looking for directors!

If you are interesting in directing one of our one act plays, send your name, address, phone number and email to us at This will put you into our pool of available directors for this show. If you are selected to direct, you will be offered a selection of scripts to choose from.

The deadline for both scripts and directors applications is September 24, 2016.

Keep in mind that we will also need LOTS OF ACTORS. Audition time TBD – Stay tuned!

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