Caesar Interview #6: Casca


Assistant Director Stephanie Ramsey sat down with each member of the cast to ask them about their characters and their experiences working on the show.

connie's headshotToday we hear from the fabulous Connie Ramsey, whose several roles include the opportunistic conspirator Casca and the loyal soldier Messala.

SR: Tell me about your role in Julius Caesar.

CR: Well, my main role is Casca, and he’s a pretty fun character. He’s kind of a weasel. He tries to figure out what the winning side is, and he wants to be on the winning side, and then he gives it his all to be on that winning side. And then I get to play a whole bunch of little characters, and that’s fun too.

SR: How did you get involved in Britches and Hose?

CR: Well, my daughter is the assistant director [Stephanie Ramsey] and I’ve actually known James since Stephanie was a freshman in college, because James was Stephanie’s director way back when, so I met him when Stephanie was in an Ionesco production, I’m pretty sure.

SR: How has it been working on this production?

CR: It’s been wonderful working with this crew. This is my first time in a play and it’s been a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful introduction to working with everybody – I’m having a ball. Everyone’s been great – very supportive – anything I don’t know: no big deal. They tell me; they teach me. It’s just great.

SR: Why should everyone come see Julius Caesar?

CR: Because the people who are playing the major roles are doing a really fine job of speaking the words and getting the meaning across and getting all the mixed emotions of all the characters. You know, Brutus is so noble and he doesn’t know what the right thing to do is. Should he kill Caesar because he loves Rome more than he loves Caesar? And he does, but he certainly has a hard time with it. And Cassius is all concerned about Rome, although he’s certain he knows what the right thing to do is. Casca, like I said, he’s just trying to figure out what the winning side is, and he wants to be on that side! It’s a really good production of Julius Caesar.

SR: If you had to describe Julius Caesar in a word…?

CR: Exciting!

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