Caesar Interview #4: Titinius


Assistant Director Stephanie Ramsey sat down with each member of the cast to ask them about their characters and their experiences working on the show.

jason's headshotToday we interview the fantastic Jason Malm, whose many roles include the stalwart soldier Titinius, Caesar’s heir Octavius, and the Soothsayer who delivers the play’s most iconic line.

SR: Tell me about your role in Julius Caesar.

JM: Well, I play several roles, starting with the cobbler, who is a fun character to play – he’s very excited, very happy to be seeing Julius Caesar come, and then he gets shot down by Flavius and his partner there, and he has to run off. And then the Soothsayer, who’s a major character but a small part, has big tidings of what’s to come. And the citizens also are fun to play – at the beginning of the scene they’re all for Brutus and saying Caesar was a tyrant, but then somehow Antony comes and completely reverses their position on things, which is a fun thing to do. There’s Titinius – That’s a very dramatic scene with his suicide – spoiler alert, sorry! And there’s just a bunch of fun roles to play, and playing on both sides of the conspirators and also the side of Antony is interesting to do.

SR: How did you get involved in Britches and Hose?

Well, I went to see a play a while back – it was with a different theatre company –and then that’s how I met one of the cast members here and he encouraged me to come out for a Britches and Hose production for auditions for the [One-Act Festival]. And I did that, and I came back again for Julius Caesar.

SR: How has it been working on this production?

Oh, it’s a great crew. It’s very amazing; people have three times as many lines as I do and they’re doing extraordinarily well. And it’s fun to watch, and it just blows my mind how talented people are. And what all goes into the production behind the scenes is really neat too; it sort of gives you a new appreciation for lights and tech and these kinds of productions.

SR: Why should everyone come see Julius Caesar?

Oh, because it’s a lot of fun; there’s funny moments and dramatic moments and overall it’s a good, interesting story, and the cast is great, fun to watch. And a lot of hard work went into it, and hopefully you can see that when you come see it.

SR: If you had to describe Julius Caesar in a word…?

It’s hard to describe in one word. I guess it’s an epic story maybe. You know, you don’t see a lot of this in our small production, but there’s huge battles and there’s conspiracies and there’s questions about who’s on whose side. So I would say probably epic.

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