Caesar Interview #3: Mark Antony


Assistant Director Stephanie Ramsey sat down with each member of the cast to ask them about their characters and their experiences working on the show.

sallie's headshotToday’s interview is with the incomparable Sallie Willows, who plays the charismatic Mark Antony, among others!

SR: Tell me about your role in Julius Caesar

SW: Well, I play Mark Antony, who, I guess you could say is Julius Caesar’s right-hand man and one of his best friends. Mark Antony truly loved him. I also play Lucius, who is Brutus’s servant, and Artemidorus, who is – well he’s definitely a citizen of Rome who loves Caesar greatly.

SR: How did you get involved in Britches and Hose?

SW: I saw – I guess it was a thing on Facebook – it was for auditions for the “Scottish Play.” And I had actually auditioned for another company that was doing the “Scottish Play” at the same time, and I didn’t get the role I really wanted, so I decided to turn it down. And I auditioned for Britches and Hose for the “Scottish Play,” and I was offered the role of Hecate, the queen of witches, and I really liked the idea of doing that – and I also did the gentlewoman and Siward at the end. So that’s how I got started with it. I knew Dan [Clark, technical director] and Leandra [Lynn, managing director] from working with them, not just inside a Shakespeare troupe – so I knew them and was familiar with them and thought, “if they’re involved, I’d like to be involved with Britches and Hose.”

SR: How has it been working on this production?

SW: Great, great – I love them all. They’re really talented and it feels like it’s cohesive. It feels like it’s a really tight knit group, so it’s really nice.

SR: Why should everyone come see Julius Caesar?

SW: It’s a very interesting concept – very simple costuming. Sort of… as I’ve told friends, it’s a skeletal cast. You know, you’re not going to see Julius Caesar done with just eight actors, so it’s very interesting, very different. So I think they’d enjoy it, I think they’d find it’s a really interesting concept.

SR: If you had to describe Julius Caesar in a word…?

SW: I guess tragic… just tragic. It’s so sad. Although it’s also different – it’s strange that it’s called Julius Caesar although Julius Caesar dies pretty early in the play! But yeah; tragic.

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