Caesar Interview #2: Portia


Assistant Director Stephanie Ramsey sat down with each member of the cast to ask them about their characters and their experiences working on the show.

allie headshotToday’s interview is with the lovely Allie Vignoli, whose several roles include Brutus’ wife Portia and Caesar’s wife Calphurnia.

SR: Tell me about your role in Julius Caesar

AV: I play Portia and Calphurnia and I am married to – well, they’re pretty exciting, I mean Brutus is very forthcoming and Caesar is just very stuck up. I play his wife who is very frightened, and I play Portia who is very “hear me roar,” so that’s pretty exciting, and I play a couple of smaller characters so it’s been a lot of fun so far.

SR: How did you get involved in Britches and Hose?

AV: Truth be told, I actually got involved with a different sort of thing with Leandra [our managing director] and we were coming out of that and she said “man, I have rehearsal,” and I said, “rehearsal for what?” and they were doing Macbeth and they needed a stage manager… So yeah, they invited me to stage manage it even though it was only two days that I had known them, so that was pretty awesome!

SR: How has it been working on this production?

AV: Really awesome. Everybody is super like… They want you to succeed. Yeah, this is my third production, second full production, and Portia and Calphurnia are pretty big parts for me, because I haven’t really done a lot with them [B&H] yet. So they’re really pushing for, you know, succeeding and being able to do bigger parts – so that’s awesome.

SR: Why should everyone come see Julius Caesar?

AV: Because we’re gender-blind, and I’ve never actually seen that before in any sort of other production. Usually all of the good parts are given to men, and in this we have Mark Antony, who’s played by Sallie [Willows], and we have Brutus who’s played by Relle [Seidman], and they’re both really, really great, so that’s why I think everybody should come see the show.

SR: If you had to describe Julius Caesar in a word…?

AV: Rome

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